We focus on real estate opportunities either as part of a long-term holding strategy where assets are yielding or where underlying assets are distressed.

We will seek to materially add value to every asset acquisition to appropriately monetise the opportunity.
Our focus can be broadly classified into 2 categories:

  • Core Plus

    Our focus is to pursue infrastructure assets with low risk and low volatility where we can add value, to generate stable returns.

    Our core plus investment approach is long-term with some diversification and inflation hedging characteristics. We will seek to directly own fully leased assets located in primary markets that are well diversified economically and offer significant liquidity in real estate.

  • Opportunistic

    Our ultimate objective is to build a real estate portfolio offering very attractive risk-adjusted returns.

    We originate non-performing loan portfolios, non-traditional and distressed property assets from banks and financial institutions. Our approach is return-driven where we will seek to monetise our investment through exits at the opportune time.