The changing regulatory landscape, uncertain political upheavals, impact of climate change which manifests itself in how a society consumes resources coupled with relentless technological disruption continues to create new avenues of finding mispriced credit opportunities in both traditional and non-traditional areas. We originate these mispriced credit opportunities by collaborating with firms who are in a position to identify and better monetize such risk.


International commodity trade is financed by several financing methods and is used by companies, producers and traders; our trade finance business focuses solely on provision of funding solutions to support the movement of physical commodities being traded along the supply chain. Our core focus is on mining and metals, soft commodities and energy.

Asset Backed Lending

We work with servicing companies and dealers to originate block deals to fund automobiles (buses, trucks); our core focus is the U.K. with the intention to expand into Ireland and Europe. On an opportunistic basis, we also work with firms with an inherent interest in acquiring music catalogues from other artists, companies and 3rd parties.

Unsecured FInance

We provide structured finance solutions to companies requiring cashflow financing; we typically act as arrangers of finance for unsecured lending.